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Discussion Topics 1. Why is there an emphasis on female Igbo young adults to marry male Igbo young adults, but that same emphasis is not put on males?    Assigned Speaker: Mazi Chuba Chibuike  2. If you look at Yoruba young adults in America, they can speak their language. Why didn’t you all make it a priority to teach us Igbo? Assigned SpeakerProfessor Dike Nwankwo 3. Growing up we were always told to become lawyers, doctors, and engineers. Why aren’t Igbo parents supportive of other career paths? Assigned Speaker: Dr. Veronica Ufoegbune 4. Can you explain why you guys do not let Igbo young adults date and have relationships, but you expect them to get married by the age of 25? How are we supposed to find partners if we are not able to get to know them? Assigned Speaker: Chief Diala Ikeme 5. Why do they say Igbo people are money hungry? Assigned Speaker:  Dr. Onyebuchi Uwaka 6. Can you explain the importance of Ada to the Igbo family? Assigned SpeakerChief Diala Ikeme 7. During the Biafran war many Igbo people were killed. How were the Igbo people able to rebuild their homes and livelihoods? Assigned Speaker:  Mazi Fidelis Atuegbu 8. Why is it that while growing up most of you gave us $2/week as allowance, but when we come to Igbo parties you all would spray the celebrant with at least $50? Assigned Speaker: Mazi Chuba Chubuike 9. What is a good age to get married for a female Igbo young adult? What is a good age to get married for a male Igbo young adult? Assigned Speaker:  Professor Dike Nwankwo 10. Why is it that everyone’s parents told them “I came first in my class when I was in primary and secondary school”? Is it possible for everyone’s parents to come first? Assigned Speaker:  Dr. Veronica Ufoegbune 11.     What are your thoughts around the kidnappings in Nigeria? Assigned Speaker:  Mazi Daniel Onyeike 12. Do you support the woman being the bread maker of the family? Assigned Speaker: Dr. Onyebuchi Uwaka 13. Do you as elders feel us; young adults are disconnected from our culture? Assigned Speaker: Pa James Mbata 14. Why do so many of our elders have “brain drain?” Meaning they become successful in the US and refuse to go back home to Nigeria.  Assigned Speaker: Mazi Fidelis Atuegbu 15.  As a community, how can we collaborate to continue to be the number one educational focused immigrants? Assigned Speaker: Dr. Veronica Ufoegbune Supplemental Questions: 1. Do you think that the people here in the Bay Area will ever pull it together and help us with Igbo cultural center; something that our friends from the other cultures have.  Why? 2. How would you, our parents support us financially with our wedding cause? 3. Why is it that a few parents/families are helping us financially in sponsoring this event? Tell us one reason why the other parents do not care to help. 4. How would you support my marriage with a family which you choose not to like or get along with? 5. What is the incentive when our parents tell us that " that family is our enemy, do not great them" What if I am in love with their child. 6. How would you feel or provide support to me when a person you have recommended for me to marry fails me. 7. What will be the impact? 8. Tell me 5 reasons why I should consider a God parent for my wedding or in my marriage life. 
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Panel Questions for 2014 Igbo Youths & Young Adults 3rd Annual Event